Digipiph Game Manager

Download via BitBucket

Try it out!
Arrow Keys to move character 1
W,A,S,D to move character 2
Interact with the firepit with SPACE or ENTER

DGM v1.x.x Requires:
EaselJS/CreateJS v0.7.0 (included in DGM BitBucket download)
Modified version of Pixel Perfect Collision Detection for v0.7.0 EaselJS (included in DGM BitBucket download)

What is the Digipiph Game Manager?
The Digipiph Game Manager, or DGM for short, is a HTML5 framework that utilizes EaselJS / CreateJS to create HTML5 games with little coding. The only coding required for a basic game is configuring your sprites and images. All basic 8 directional movement, sprite animations, collisions, canvas drawing and updating are performed within the framework.

Getting Started with the Digipiph Game Manager
Check out the documentation here. It will teach you everything you need to know about using the DGM, from setting up your canvases to moving your sprites.