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Digipiph Game Manager Released!
While Spritify still works, I would suggest using my latest creation Digipiph Game Manager (DGM) instead. I will developing DGM further and Spritify will fade away. DGM is much more flexible and easier to use.

Download Spritify v. 2.2.1 (html5)

What is Spritify? (in layman's terms)

Spritify 2 is a HTML5 function that takes a sprite image, does a little real life magic, and then renders the sprite on the screen with full movement functionality, simple collision detection, and animation with very little coding. In some cases, the coding used to initialize Spritify is literally one line, it all depends on how customized you want to get!

Speak tech to me, I'm no noob! How does Spritify work?

At last, time to shed my tech censorship. Spritify 2 uses a javascript object in the initializing piece of code and sets the object within the canvas to your specified width, height, controls, and image.

Once the configuration of the javascript object is complete, Spritify will listen for defined or default (up arrow, down arrow, left arrow, right arrow) key-presses to move the javascript object. As soon it detects a key-press the magic starts to happen. Spritify will transition the sprite's image, defined in the Spritify initialization configuration, from one cell of the image to another, in an endless loop.

Getting Started with Spritify

To get started with Spritify and start creating sprite objects, make sure you have at least version 1.6 of jQuery on your site. Then download the latest Spritify version. See the Setting up a Sprite Image for Spritify, and Setting Up Spritify docs to get started with configuring your Spritify object.


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