Fundraising Matrix

Fundraising Matrix is an all in one CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). This program receives leads from websites and stores them in a lead funnel where they may be distributed manually or automatically assigned depending on certain set criteria. Users may set activities for leads, manage organizations or other contacts associated with the leads, as well as add sales to the leads.

Customer reports are created to render admins information on sales, user activitiy, and customers.


  • Multiple user logins
  • Multiple user permissions
  • Many on many relationships
    • Many contacts tied to organizations
    • Many sales tied to contacts OR organizations
  • Lead associations either through organizations or contacts (ie. having one contacted tied to multiple groups)
  • Google Email integration (users may send email right in the Fundraising Matrix)
  • Email templates
  • Sales funnel (lets users keep track of their sales every step of the way, from ordering to shipping)
  • Multiple user home pages (different login home pages are used for different user types)
Fundraising Matrix Home Screen
Fundraising Matrix Activities
Fundraising Matrix Sales Funnel
Fundraising Matrix Sales Detail
Fundraising Matrix Organization Detail