MySQL INSERT with a Max() + 1 SubQuery

This was a pain in my ass to figure out so I figured I would post it here in case anyone else needs to insert a record using a Max() + 1 SubQuery.

I only use the Max()+1 SubQuery when the value I want to increase is not the primary key.

INSERT INTO table (row1, row2, row3) SELECT 1 + COALESCE((SELECT MAX(row1) FROM table), 0), 'value2', 'value3';



Thank you! I wasted an hour trying to do this before finding your site, sorted me out! Cheers

lovely! :)

Great article thank you very much, you just saved from same kind of pain..:)Thank you !Cheers from Belgrade

MySQL really needs to document this as an alternative. Excellent work.

Thanks a lot ! Simple and efficient ! Just what I wanted !

Hi, thanks a lot for the query. Saved me some time a nervs.greetings from Czech  Republic ;-)