Simple PHP CSV Class

Throughout my years in programming I've dealt a lot with reading and importing CSV files, exporting queries into CSV files, and building dynamic CSV files. I decided it was time to create a simple PHP class to do all this work for me.

With this class you can change the terminator, separator, enclosed, and escaped characters as well as mime type. You decide the file name and there are simple built in functions to let you easily navigate the rows and columns of the CSV.

The class is compatible with newer AND older (less than 5.3.0) versions of PHP.

Simple PHP Class used for uploading files and images

I wrote a simple PHP class that may be used for uploading and deleting files or images. This code allows the programmer to set the destination, file name, required extension, and max file size. The PHP class checks the file validation with its own internal functions and stores the errors or will automatically print the errors on screen if that is how you want them handled.

PHP Simple File Manager

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